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Creative Uses for Perforated Panels: Clark Launches a New Platform!

Clark Perforating Company is excited to launch our latest platform: Pinterest!

Pinterest is a great way to share creative ideas and things that inspire us. Expect to see some creative uses of perforated panels, design inspiration, sheet metal art, and interesting new uses of perforated screens that make you say, “Wow.”

Clark has been perforating sheet metal since 1948, and we thought we’d seen it all. But sometimes we come across something so great we just have to share it.

You can find our new Pinterest account here!

For some interesting uses of perforated panels, check out this board.

Not only does Clark Perforating offer a variety of materials, including perforated aluminum, brass, copper and steel panels, it also offers a variety of perforation capabilities.

If you’re interested in the history of Clark Perforating, we’ve got some really cool pictures of our old facility from back in the day. Have we mentioned that we’ve been at it since 1948?

Retro picture of Clark Perforating, perforating panels since 1954!

Milan, MI, has been the current location of Clark Perforating since 1954 and is managed by the fourth generation of the Clark family.

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