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Brass Perforated Metal Screen

Looking for the best material for your perforated metal screen project?

Have you thought about brass?

Perforated Metal Screen - Soft Brass Coil

Brass is a visually pleasing metal providing a golden hue in bright light. Brass perforated metal screens are a terrific way for you to gain some shade from the sun and can be used as decorative ventilation covers ensuring clear airflow for ductwork. It’s also corrosion-resistant making it an ideal material for facades and sun shades.

In order to maintain precision quality - we are ISO Certified and use high-speed computer-controlled presses. All of our tooling is produced in house and maintained by our technicians. Brass perforated metal screens are often used in filters, grain sifters, architectural designs, and many other applications.

Perforated Metal Screen Capabilities: Brass

  • Hole Perforations: Round, Square, Oblong, Hexagon

  • Perforation Pattern: Straight Diagonal 45° / Staggered 60° / Straight 90°

  • Form: Coil / Sheet

  • Brass Thickness: 16 Gauge and Lighter

  • Brass Width: Up to 36 inches

  • Brass Outside Diameter: Up to 40 inches

  • Hole Sizes: .033 to .75 inches.


Brass Perforated Metal Screen Additional Services

At Clark Perforating Company we have the tools, machinery, and experience to customize orders to meet your needs. We can cut your perforated screen to any specified length.  We can also slit your material as narrow as 1 and 11/16 of an inch wide. Circle shearing is also available. Typical lead time is inside of 2-3 weeks, however, if you need rush service, we can accommodate most reasonable turnaround time requests.   

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